Shipping pups

We do airship our pups all over the United States and Canada, should you need your new pup shipped to you.  All of the pups we have shipped have arrived safely.  Pups need to be 8 weeks old to ship.  Shipping is not a traumatic experience for the pup as some might think.  The low hum of the engine puts most pups to sleep, and contrary to some beliefs...the pup does not ride in with the baggage, but rides in a pressurized cabin.

By law, the airlines will not ship the pup if the temperature is below 10 degrees F. or 85 degrees F. or above.  They are concerned for the health and well-being of the pup just as I am and you are.  I have confidence in the airlines that I use. 

Shipping charges are in addition to the price of the pup and run approximately $350.    $100 of that amount goes towards the vet health clearance certificate and airline approved shipping crate which are necessary for the flight, and is needed along with the balance of the pup before the pup can be shipped.  Insurance is available, but optional.  The crate is yours to keep, is a nice size and can house the pup or be used for a puppy training tool for up to 4 months of age.  

I handle all of the arrangements on my end including booking the flight, taking the pup to the veterinarian for a health clearance certificate and checkup needed for the flight, purchasing the crate and assembling, making sure there is plenty of soft absorbent bedding inside to keep the pup clean and dry.  I handle all the paperwork for the pups flight, and provide an itinerary for the new owners with flight numbers, times, names, phone numbers and any other necessary information.  I also take great care in getting the pup to the airport on time for takeoff no matter what wee hour of the morning or late night flight it may be!

All the new owner has to be concerned with is picking up their new furry friend at the airport of their choosing.  I do ask for two choices of airports, should one not work with dates, flight times or temperature.  I do ship the pups freight collect whenever possible.  So the shipping charges (remaining approximate amount of $250) would need to be paid at the time of pickup of your pup at the airports cargo department.  A picture ID is needed before they will hand over the precious cargo to you.

There may be times when the pup needs to be shipped VIP (Very Important Pet) which is a prepaid flight.  Cost for VIP is a bit more.  I need to pay for the flight before the pup flys out, so I would need the shipping amount paid before the pup can be shipped.  Some airports will only accept VIP shipments, while at other airports, flights may arrive at the airport after the cargo department has closed, and so the flight needs to be prepaid.  Someone is usally at the cargo department, but after hours no one is there that can take money for security purposes.

I always appreciate a call from the new owners when their new furry baby is in their hands.  I need to know that the pup has arrived and all is well :) 

If you are interested in shipping a pup, need more information or have any questions or concerns, feel free to use "Contact Us" on our Home page or e-mail us at, or call me at 715-693-6886.


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Copyright©  2002 - 2014 Mallard Lane Labradors - all rights reserved.